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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1-2-3 of Awakening: Awareness, Acceptance & Appreciation

We are awake and yet we habitually think that we are not. Thus, there is never ending wanting and desiring for something to feel better or more complete. The paradox here is that it is only when this idea pauses, stops or drops that we are truly free to experience what would be fulfilling. In this relinquishment, of the perpetual pursuit of the end all be all, awareness seeps in. There is tremendous relief as we awaken from this belief.
When this seeking and striving dissolve, we realize we are fulfilled & complete. Fearful grasping, pushing & pulling of life experiences ease and there is a palpable softening, an awareness and acceptance of all that is here. Demanding, striving and strategizing are replaced by a soothing simplicity that promotes transparency and authenticity rather than proving ones self.
Feelings of urgency, desperation, of unfulfilled longing arise and move through completely, no longer seeking, needing a person, place or thing to remedy them. Life is no longer a series of temporary failed fulfillments, but becomes a more fluid, experiential openness to all that is present. Each moment is fulfilling and complete in and of itself.

This 1-2-3 of awareness, acceptance and appreciation is synergistic in its ability to open the door to awakening in the midst of the most difficult experiences. Wether there be good, bad or ugly... human experiencing opens into truth revealing, ego unraveling, ever expanding adventure.

We rest in knowing that we are the conductor, the musicians, the music and the appreciative audience, the bluebird, the sweet song and the enchanted listener, the hearts longing, the beloveds answer and the eternal fulfillment.

There comes a sweet softening of self, a welling up of appreciation and an undescribable knowing that this has all been perfectly choreographed by you and I. A self created divine plan in action every moment, all for awakening now. For you to fully realize that you are blissfully free now, perfectly complete in this inherent realization.

So, precious one, flow from your natural self and rest in knowing that all that is truly needed is here for you now. Breathe into is yours!

Rest fully in this knowing and appreciate the grace that you are, allow this ease in. It is you who orchestrated this whole and and the same. Shall we dance this joyful oneness?
Sessions are extraordinary beyond words...laced with energetic presence, phenomenal grace and miraculous transformation. Many issues and limitations clear within one situation!

Call me now and dance in this wellspring of joyful awakening...303-545-5485. Mention this newsletter and receive 10% off a 5 session Diamond Approach package. All my clients come free to the Blissful Awakening Group.

Sharing in heartfelt gratitude for you and your dance!
 Andrea  visit:

Balance, Beauty, Being and Beyond

Do you have moments when there is a pervasive peaceful stillness? When you are beyond what is definable or ineffable as Martin Buber explained. Yet, there is inner knowing that exists. Simply put...this is what you are. This is God. This is source.

Without the illusion that we are separate from God, Source or divinity, we are open to the direct experiencing of what we are. Many painful ideas and stories that we identify with simply drop within this spacious and expansive awareness.

This dropping of our suffering is ultimate freedom. We no longer feel the need to struggle with separated states of mind. Experiences come and go, ebb and flow and yet there is an sweet, intimate participation in the whole dance.

This experience is not ultimately better than that. It is all seen, felt and welcomed as reality.

Pause for a moment and observe your mind. Notice how it has fairly non stop judgement around what it likes and doesn't like and even hates.

Be amused at how stories take on such compelling twists and turns at times and how they almost grab you right out of your seat. The mind demanding you respond to the dramas accordingly. We pride ourselves in knowing what is accorded each situation. Judge, jury, hangman all in one efficiently sized box atop each of our bodies.

The What If Game...
What if this box atop our bodies gets too stifling, too limiting in its perspectives.

What if we consciously choose to play a different game...

like children often do, (before they are too heavily conditioned to what is right and wrong.) Mostly we would do this because we are bored with the same story replaying with the same results.

What if we pretend we can see the innocence or what is real in ourselves and in each other.

What if we see wondrous, magical child like qualities in each other. No matter how much the other has suffered and hidden his heart, we can still see them, really see them.

What if we can acknowledge the beauty in each person, to smile, say a kind word, even play with each other...joke, kid, hug, dance, share our cookies, like children do.

a world that is not based on who is most right, but a world of people and animals that can truly see each other. In the movie Avatar, she says "I SEE YOU" and she does really see his soul, his divine beingness. They also see this in their animals and trees.

In this game we are recognizing each others inherent divine wholeness, rather than playing out the old 'no win' separation game...I am more right (righteous) than you. Once we realize what we are, we see wholeness, the 'wholliness' that includes everyone, everything and every experience.

During this game, when you return to judgement, you return to suffering.

I invite you to playfully live this game and move beyond these painful forms of separation and perpetual struggle at the mind level. Live in the kingdom of the heart and soul, where we are all inherently innocent. Here, we can never do what is not God's will, for we are God's will, each and every moment.
Stop looking to an outer force to create the peaceful freedom that will only come through allowing the divine to look fully and completely through your eyes. Resistance to this is the source of all suffering and the manifestation of every ailment on this planet.

When we come home to what we are, suffering ceases. You may still fall down and skin your knee, as children do. Yet, you will

be so delighted by this new wondrous way of being, that you will run back to friends that will greet you with open arms, with eyes that can see you and words that will love you awake again. Children certainly have allot of this down, watch them.

Someone wrote to me yesterday, "You are one of those sunshine people, that I have seen a few times in my life."
Let's all be one of these sunshine people and see life through the light that we are.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who Are You and What Are You Here For?

Simple questions...are you ready for the answer?

The answer to these questions lies at the very foundation of humanities evolution.

What is it to be here and not realize the essential nature of our being, of source?

It is to perpetually believe that the answer lies externally...
~to move from one extraneous experience to another, constantly seeking for the one that will bring the ultimate reward.
~to look to relationships, possessions, material pursuits, family, community everything to be the answer to this struggling.
But, alas, many of us have played out this saga in every way, shape and form only to realize that searching for what we want externally becomes the source of dissilusionment.

The only way to what we truly want is to return to the place where we re-Source our true nature; to align with our inner being.
There is a point or choice for separation within us all that is the reason for our suffering.

Even the idea that there is a saviour is based on this separation from inner being. This has been a powerfully entrancing belief which religious and spiritual factors have used to convince us that we are flawed in some sort of erroneous way and are therefore not whole or holy without the atonement from a priest, guru, wafer, Lakshmi, mantra or meditation...we are flooded with the antidotes for this separation.

I am sure some of you have hairs raising on the back of your necks now.

Please, hear me...there are certainly ways and times when anything we truly enjoy and feel whole in can remind us of what we truly are, but there is no simpler way than to live joyfully from this inner knowing... that we are already whole and complete.

I'm here to let you know that you are...a joyous being and what you are here for...a joyful ever expanding life.

There is and has always been nothing remotely wrong, flawed or sinful about you or anyone else ever! You have never done anything wrong.

Sin means missing the mark.

When I was married in a sacramental catholic wedding, I was told to confess to the priest before walking down the aisle.

I could not remember how to do this as I had endured a severe car accident which had erased much of my memory.

I was told to bow my had and confess (all the wrong I had done).

I was shamed through piercing eyes and harsh voice for not remembering how to do this. I walked down the aisle to marry my husband in fear and shame believing I had done something very wrong, even though i couldn't remember what it was I had forgotten due to the amnesia. I felt I had forgotten something deadly important. In psychological terms, I dissociated from my body due to the shame and pain I felt towards myself, on my wedding day.

I am here today with a few tears left for all the times I believed that kind of insanity. I know that there is and has never been anything wrong with me or you or anyone.

We are a beautiful expression of love.

Please understand that this may seem like old news to many of you who have stretched beyond orthodox religions. When you look more deeply into many of the worlds systems and structures used to perpetuate collective norms, you will still see this inherent religious/spiritual belief...that we can do something wrong (guilty) that we are punished in countless, countless ways. Through loss of love, of money, of home of all the things this worlds basic needs rests upon.

There is still a larger percentage of our planet that lives predominately from this premise.

Yes...this is changing.


Each time you or I or someone we love is reminded of their inherent innocence, we are aligned with our inner being, with source.

There is no other way. We must each and every one recognize what we are and free ourselves.

Is it time to rest in knowing that you are perfect just the way you are and that in this knowing you are free?

Is it time to live fully from this freedom?

Is it time to drop each and every story that has at its core the idea that you are unworthy of the most magnificent life possible?

Is it time to share and teach this to everyone you know by becoming a living example of this?

Can you feel the exponential implications of this freedom?

Can you see how your freedom is the greatest contribution you can make to this entire planet being free?

What are you waiting for?

Are the answer

Liberation: freedom from oppression, confinement, or foreign control, equal rights and equal status for all.

I am here for liberation, that we may now live the joyful choices that are awaiting all of us.

The question is...Are you ready?

The answer is...For your greatest joy.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Supporting Your Awakening

What is support to you?
Is it when you feel truly heard?
Is it when you are considered without having to ask or explain?
Is it when your needs are accounted for in the request?
Is it like a great shoulder rub that comes out of nowhere?

Whatever it feels like for you, it's always an integral part of your growth into wholeness. The most fundamentally potent form of support that we have is the awareness that we are source or God. In knowing and living from this, we recognize that we are plugged into what we most need...our own life giving, life expanding force. All this is within us.

We've been taught and conditioned to believe that we are dependant on an external source for our well being. An omnipotent external God, to which we must sacrifice ourselves in order to be atoned for. The premise is that we are guilty simply because we are here in a human body and we must earn our innocence.

This is a formula for perpetual suffering. The idea that we are separate from source is the ultimate lie which has been perpetuated by most institutions, communities and families.

This lie has fostered participation and dependencies on collective consciousness. As a result we have developed tremendous fear of breaking free from these paradigms. This fear keeps us from finding out who we are outside of these collective boxes.

Only a very small percentage of people at this point are truly experiencing what it is like to live freely beyond these collective expereince true freedom.

I assure you we do exist and we are forging a New Way of being. We are outside the norm of collective conveniences which have hidden costs to the heart and soul of every participant. We may feel alone at times as most people are not interested in stepping out their 'box' to play in a New Way. In this awareness, there are moments of sadness passing through as yet another person chooses to stay in undue suffering. There is also a built in feeling of joyful 'ok'ness and many, many moments refreshing unencumbered aliveness. No medications needed!

Reflect for a moment on a piece of history and the way it parallels aspects of a current Dark Age...from Rob & Cyndy Shearer.

'Columbus believed that the world was round. Everyone else thought that it was flat. In 1492, Columbus finally overcame the objections of the bigoted church leaders of Spain, who believed the world was flat because the Bible said it was. Columbus got the backing of Queen Isabella on the sly, behind King Ferdinand's back. Perhaps there was some romantic infatuation or dalliance. In any event, Queen Isabella pawned her jewels to raise the funds for Columbus' three ships and off he went. His epic voyage of discovery was one of the crucial steps in mankind's throwing off the superstitions of the dark ages.'

The current Dark Age is being fueled by more of an inner superstition. The voyage you are being called upon to forge is to return, realign and re-Source the truth of what you are. It is the only answer to our current Dark Age and all of the mounting consequences throughout our world. The evidence that we are in this Dark Age is apparent, yet all the outer forms of escape are also prevalent.

I wonder what caused Columbus to consider that there was anything other than what he was conditioned to believe?

Why would he risk being considered crazy and feeling tremendously unsupported?

What caused the Queen to give up her jewels for such a wild adventure? (OK, maybe it was

What do we need to take that leap of faith that Soren Kierkegard defined?

There is a saying...We are only as great as our support.

What kind of support do you need to realize your greatness?

What if the greatest support we could possibly find is within us and ...

That we are enough, when we realize we are source.

That like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz realized...

You could always go home and most importantly...

There's no place like home.

That from this knowing we are no longer separate human beings, but rather we are unique expressions of source, each and every moment.

We are always innocent, guilt is a fabrication from a distorted fearful separated self.

We are liberated and must create from the magnificence which we are.

This is the plan Einstein envisioned when he said "you cannot solve a problem a at the same level of consciousness that it was created in."

The answers being called for reside within this New Way. The full realization of what we are.

This is not religious, this is not spiritual. This is not anything you can ever put a label, dogma or practice on. It is what you are!

Breathe this in now. Feel this freedom. Be this magnificence in all its simplicity. Live this glory and celebrate what you are. Appreciate all this freedom.

I support you in and forever;

Yours in awakening...


This could be your wake up call...303-545-5485!

PS. I honor our beautiful earth for supporting us all for many, many lifetimes of experience which have enabled us to come to this moment, this realization.

Practical Results...
'In my first session with Andrea, I was amazed at the precision with which she put her finger on the pulse of the issues I was grappling with. After listening to me describe a number of circumstances and concerns I was facing, she quickly identified the core issue I needed to address in order to move forward. A light-bulb went on! Andrea provided me an "aha" moment, in which I could see the dynamics at play underneath the external circumstances. This became a turning point in my self-awareness.
Andrea's gave me insight, as well as a concrete starting point for doing my own work. She was direct and challenging, yet kind. She empowered me with homework to do before the next session, including focused writing, personalized affirmations and breathing/meditative exercises. These activities kept me inspired and focused after my session, and became an additional doorway to awareness.

I was amazed at what was accomplished in my very first session with Andrea, and felt like a "regular psychotherapy" approach would have taken weeks or months to lead to the same level of deep insight -- if it ever got there at all!
I'm delighted with the rapid progress and growth in my awareness from my work with Andrea, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to do their own work and experience a major break-through!
Shari Philpott
Boulder, Colorado

Friday, July 2, 2010

The New path needed

'We are the ones we've been waiting for.' Hopi Indians. I am aware of an imminent call to be here fully, to break through any small sense of self, to be the strength and magnificence that we all are. Nothing else is enough. Hiding, holding back, playing in the less than game will only serve to increase the inner struggling with what is inevitable.

We all came here on this precious planet to awaken, to be the answers to our planets cries, to bloom, to shine and to be exalted through the essence of source. Each and every creature on this planet is an undeniable contribution to this knowing. Every human, fish, dog, ant, child, song, dance. Every expression, every form is the living expression of this knowing.

We now know collectively, that it is our time to awaken. Through countless lifetimes we have watched, as painful story after story has begun, been experienced and ended. These stories have one human need in common. A longing, a yearning for more than what one is already, to move beyond the struggle of humanness.

These stories are fairly empty of meaning. Why is this...because they are about seeking what will never fulfill this longing. At best there is temporary satisfaction. After the experience, we are back at square one, seeking for what will fulfill the longing.

Now we see everywhere the extent to which these endless desires to have our needs fulfilled have exploited our earth, our people, our children, our animals. When we see the Gulf Oil, the animals covered in oil, the economy dropping.... WE CAN NO LONGER DENY THE MEANINGLESSNESS IN THIS OLD PARADIGM.

Are you feeling this in your your soul?

Do you realize the implications of these old ways?

Do you want to open to a new way?

Then let go fully with me now. Breathe out the old unconscious paradigm on the exhale, breathe in Being and Living the Answer. Breathe out all those stories that have kept you hostage, struggling moment to moment, day to day and fully breathe in the freedom and the living answer which you truly are. This expansive freedom is the only answer to these old devastating dilemmas. You cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness as they were created in, Einstein.

These old unconscious stories can only be released from within you. This is the access point to authentic power. Breathe with me and know now that you are the source of all that is needed in every moment of your life. Stop looking to others, to escapes, to denial, to anything other than this true knowing of what you are. From this all will arise, within the simplicity of each fully lived breath. Everything else is playing out the illusionary games that always lead to unfulfillment, disappointment and now disillusionment.

We are the new emissaries, the ones we have been awaiting. We are the ones that become the living answer to our inner and planetary callings. We are the brave, the pioneers, the trail blazers of a new way. It is paramount that we awaken now as we are all needed. All of our uniquely phenomenal gifts are needed, wether they be the song that ignites the heart of humanity or the compassion that soothes the pain of all this collective suffering, or the words that ignite this new way. All our gifts are needed.

Holding back will only serve to perpetuate your suffering and that of your circle. In this moment you can breathe in fully the magnificent awareness that you are source and therefore you are enough!

My words come from your soul and your soul and your soul.
The last time I spoke of this calling, there were many tears and nods and realizations that they are this, we are this, there is no one else.
Yours for awakening;

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stop the Quest! You're Already Awake!

This week I led a transformative experience for over 100 people. It was exhilarating for me simply because I spoke the truth. I shared the truth straight out with everyone as they cried, cheered, nodded and at the end confided.

They said beautifully and eloquently what we are all deeply longing to feel.
"You see me. I felt met and understood when you spoke to us. When you said you were in your true power, I felt powerful too. I felt aware and awake when you told us that we were awake. You were talking directly to me when you said we are awake."
If you're curious...I told this group gathered for the Boulder Gulf Oil Vigil that the planet is yelling wake up! There were actually sirens screeching in the background as I said this. Then I went on to share that many of us are already awake and we don't realize this because we are still grasping onto old victim- limited identities.
I shared how I knew I was awake, because I felt it fully andcompletely, I felt it. Do you still doubt this inherent awareness. Is doubt our enemy? No, it simply has a convincing way of proving we are not what we are...awake.

This may sound I will put it straight out. We can either realize we are awake or we can continue to pretend we are limited, incompetent and unable to offer our magnificent gifts.

If there is any one message that would justify the immense distress calls on our planet, it is that we must realize now what it is to be awake. From this realization, we're able to simply know how to be and what to do.

Einstein said 2 very important statements... One is that we cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that the problem was created in. Two, Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

The solution to all of our problems is always to imagine and feel, really feel what the greatest potentials are. This will activate and attract the highest possibilities. To sit in the soup of unconscious, limited, victim stories will only perpetuate the old stories on our planet. How much longer can we afford to play dumb?

The wake up call I have been referring to is all about a new way, usage of a new energy that is inherent within our realization, rather than energy that must come from others, or nature, or the 'one', or that company.

Avatar is an innovative example of how, through our own soul/source energy we can be self sustaining. It also clearly displayed how humans had exhausted the Earths resources, by drawing on her energy rather their own soul energy. We are paralleling this story by severely depleting our own planetary resources. There are now sensitive aware human beings who are beginning to awaken to their own inner resources, catalyzing a new earth energy from within.

Avatar also beautifully displayed the interconnectedness that many of us have become 'thick skinned' about and unable to truly participate in other than through cognitive ideas of oneness.

Many of us fully realize this awareness of what we are and are beginning to create circles of sensitive interconnectedness that will support more soulful self sustaining ways of being here.

Many of the old paradigms are beginning to drop

dependence on one anothers energy, money, life. Victim-perpetrator-rescuer stories. The idea that others are here to serve and support us rather than drawing on our own reservoir from source.

This wake up is pervasive and it is saying...know that you are source, there is no separation within you, realize this now and all struggle will fall away and you will be the answer this planetary crisis is calling for. ' We are the ones we've been waiting for.' Hopi Indians

Several people told me over the past few weeks that this was my last life. Interestingly, just a week before I was feeling a deep melancholy for life on this planet and a sweetness for all of this...the good, the bad, the ugly.
In that moment, there was only one exquisite moment which was fully emraced. Soft tears ran down my cheeks as I realized I was seeing and fully experiencing everything. Time, space collapsed into this moment and it was so simply beautiful. I felt both a deep longing to never let go of this humanness and the profound awareness of what I am and that there is nothing that could be held onto. I breathed this and smiled serenely.

I am here to assist in this liberation and the results...
your simply beautiful Realization. Truly there is nothing else...


This is your wake up call...303-545-5485!

Practical Results...
'What Andrea's work has brought to me is a simple and natural way to get out of all of my extraneous thoughts and be very alive, present, acute and purposeful. I'm more light hearted and playful in my approach and I feel the joy of giving to others, while providing the highest and most consistent level of service. The results speak for themselves... I have attracted over 900 satisfied clients and every year I am ranked from #1 to 5 nationally from among thousands of others financial service planners.'  Thank you, Andrea!



Paul S. Kleinman, President Rocky

Mountain Financial Network

About Andrea

Andrea is Radiant Awareness, with over 30 years of comprehensive and exceptional studies and experience covering Business Management & Administration, Psychology degrees Summa Cum Laude, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine Mastery, Enlightened Relationship Coach, Ordained Christian Minister, Budhist Bodhi Satva, Hindu TM and Ishta Devita, Apache Shamanism, A Course in Miracles Teacher, Advanced Non Violent Communications and 4 years in solitude culminating in direct awareness. Andrea is now a naturally transformative Awakening teacher with energy transmission and teachings that facilitate core clearing and transformative teaching to sustain expansiveness.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Relaxing into Heart

Andrea Jackson
Radiant Awareness Teacher

How many times have you heard come from your heart, be in your heart, share from heart? Yet, do you really ever experience your heart directly? Do you actually feel another's heart? Or are you like most... wondering at this point if the heart is a real place at all.

We were part of a culture that taught being selfless was the spiritual way to be. Mother Teresa considered a saint was the epitome of a woman who sacrificed her life for others. Yet, at the end of her life Time Magazine revealed her deep anguish and torment during her service to humanity.

Now we are part of a collective moving into embracing the Self. Coming from more of what we truly are.

So, how does the heart fit into all this?

The heart can lead us to acts of selflessness, awareness of Self and even selfishness, depending on what is needing integration.

There seems to be a rebalancing on our planet. I am seeing many who were quite selfish suffering in ways that are opening their hearts causing them to give more freely and I and many other healers, teachers and service peoples are learning to receive without hesitation.

In each moment, there is available awareness of the heart. From this, one can express in the ways that would lend itself to be the most loving. This includes tough love, clear boundaries, saying no, as well as blissful openness, innocence and oneness, sweet loving gestures...hugs, kisses and caresses and of course it includes ecstatic joyful sexuality and communing with community. We can naturally experience and express all of this in one day from our heart. There is no limit to the experiences we can have and create from our heart.

Awakening in the heart is a profound sense of source originating from within. This arises as a result of focused awareness on one's heart and learning to mediate life with the heart more and more fully open and available.

Usually an emotional crisis such as a love break up, accident, significant illness will causing such painful constrictions in the heart that we must pay attention. At this point many run from this pain rather than seeing the golden opportunity to breakthrough the heart ache fully. This is our greatest most reliable source of freedom. There is medicine, no escape that will free one, only staying with it, breathing through it, saying yes this is me too!!!

Then the door to the heart breaks open and we are awake to all of what we are...the good, the bad, the ugly. The spiritual, the selfish, the critical, the foolish are all integral parts of our wholeness. Forgive yourself, love yourself, relax into all of what you are and you will find the most exquisite surprise...freedom.

If you would like a truly loving facilitator, please don't hesitate to call or refer me to anyone who is suffering. The results are truly extraordinary! I'm here to facilitate and celebrate your joyful awakening!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Global Celebration

It’s time we move from spiritual practice and ceremony to human participation and celebration. Our planet is awakening in ways that are calling us to be here more fully. This is not about getting anything right, but rather about dancing, singing, laughing, saying what we need to say and thoroughly participating in each others’ presence. This authenticity is our greatest gift and lends itself to a more global celebration of our humanity.

There is also a need for rolling up our sleeves and participating in what needs to be done. Let’s pitch in and show support for all the efforts being made now to bring our world to its current point of liberation. This must start in our own homes, schools and communities and move outward from this more grounded, centered orientation. Let us now say and do what would create the greatest contribution in each and every interaction.

A Present Love

Love is a vague, overused word. What if instead of saying I love you, we shared authentically from our hearts. It might sound like…I really appreciate how you make such a special effort to cook dinner or I really enjoy how you can laugh at things most people would be disappointed in or it’s great how focused you are on your homework. Feel into how it would be to receive personal affirmations like these. Would you feel seen and met more fully?
What if at work places, grocery stores, with the mailman, at parks and everywhere we acknowledged each other in these beautiful, specific ways. What if we allowed our hearts to spontaneously lead the way in each interaction, showing us how to truly love one another? The hearts simple wisdom urges us all home to the natural enfoldment of oneness. The heart is the gateway to truly understanding who we are and the profound nature of our innate interconnectedness. I recently wrote a song with the line ‘Love knows no bounds’ expressing this eternal interconnected expansiveness that we are.
What if within the knowledge of your soul there lies a secret code that finally brings you completely home to your natural self? Rest, joyous expression, peaceful awareness, and divine stillness would become your companions. You would finally realize that you are the magnificence you have been seeking. Your absence from yourself or disconnection is what has caused you to be consistently dissatisfied with all your attempts to ease your life’s struggles.
My simple suggestion is to love you all the way home. It is the quick route. Love yourself and others by specifically recognizing what is most appreciated each moment. Be present in specific ways for yourself, your children, your sweet pets, your grocer, your community, your world. This is a present love which will continually invite your heart to lead the way and your soul to show you the magnificence that you truly are. What an unbeatable combo.

Breathing to the Core

For many years I've heard spiritual clich├ęs about opening ones heart and about being mindless. It's like a fad to catch onto the latest spiritual buzz words and self identify with them.
But... are we truly willing to pause and listen to the rhythms of our heart?
Do you know what your heart feels like when you are hurting, when you are vulnerable, when you are softly open to all that is?
Do you genuinely feel into your heart and breathe with the tightness, the blocks, the constrictions?
Do you offer loving kindness to these subtle shifts and changes that fluctuate within?
Do you honor yourself in these ways?
Or do you just say your heart is open, you're present and continue to play out painful duality games?
Do you know what it feels like to have a beautifully sensitive open heart that is willing to continue to open, tenaciously, so that you and those around can benefit from your authentic nature. Is it easier to be tough, to have a protective shell over the heart, to open and close based on ego agendas or are you truly willing to risk feeling all that is present.
Waking up is being aware sensitively, nakedly, authentically, not just conveniently in all this human experiencing. For now it is for the pioneers, the brave and perhaps at some point for everyone. There is never a lack of opportunity to be present to this.
We avoid this out of a fear of pain. Breaking through pain means being with the core, or root of what is arising. This is true breakthrough.
Finding ways to ease, or escape the pain is more like cutting the top off the dandelion, you can be assured it will return, pretty quickly, even stronger than before. Then you will need more of whatever your 'escape of choice' is.
Presence brought to the pain equals breakthrough it's really that simple. If it's complicated it's because the mind is running a repetitive story about it. Pause, drop the story and breathe through waht is arisingf. What's left, what's always left...presence.
Celebrating your awakening;

Oh Sweet you tease my senses

Warm wind blowing through my hair, sunshine radiant on my bare arms, hints of vibrant green splashed I ascend the extremely steep goat trail leading up the back way to Mt Sanitas; I huffed and puffed, breathed through inertia and welcomed all the pain and strain. I tromped and plodded through mud and light snow and hardened soil, legs aching, winded, yet I knew I would love the result. New life was imminent.
Afterwards, true to my premonition, I felt strong, full, victorious; like I was alive again, following a long, lethargic winter.
I wonder if this is what each small grass and flower, each new growth must endure. Moving through dark hardened soils, small cracks revealing subtle streams of light and then at last the tingling warmth of the sun and the sweet company of other life forms.
Slowly, even now, spring is arising from the earth, a small patch of green grass appears within melting snow mounds, buds appearing on my lilac bushes. She is already beginning to whisper of this new life, of newfound love and of sweet new ways.
Her dazzling colors and sweet perfumes will soon be meandering through the old wintery haze, mesmerizing us all into a delightful spring fever.
Are you ready for her wondrous ways to awaken your senses and delight you with newfound love?
Are you ready for that spring cleaning that makes way for new adventurous ways of being?
Are you ready to clean out the old beliefs closet to make way for your magnificent wardrobe?
Are you ready to release the heavy emotional baggage that feels like an old winter coat and put on those great hiking shorts or fun slinky dress?
Isn't it time to live your new life now?
Open now to the joys of your eternal/internal spring

Breakthrough Your Core

For many years I've heard spiritual cliches about opening ones heart and about being mindfull. At times it seems like a fad to catch onto the latest spiritual buzz words and self identify with them.

But, I've been listening a bit more deeply lately and hearing some haunting questions...
Are we able to pause and listen to the rhythms of our heart?
Do you feel your heart when you are hurting, when you are vulnerable, when you are softly open to all that is?
Do you genuinely feel into your heart and breathe with the tightness, the blocks, the constrictions?
Do you offer loving kindness to these subtle or significant shifts and changes that fluctuate within?
Do you honor yourself in these ways?

Or do you just say your heart is open, you're present and continue to play out painful duality games?

Are you willing to expereince the authentic beauty of your sensitive open heart, even if it means you will feel more of everything....including pain?
Are you willing to continue to open, tenaciously, so that you and those around can benefit from your authentic loving nature?
Or is it easier to be tough, to have a protective shell over the heart, to open and close based on ego agendas?
Are you truly willing to risk feeling into all that is present?
Waking up is being aware sensitively, nakedly, authentically, not just conveniently. This asks for tremendous courage. As we evolve and awaken this will become the norm, for now there are trailblazers to look to.

Most still avoid this out of a fear of pain, or a constriction, holding onto the pain. This is suffering. Breaking through pain means being with the core, or root of what is arising. This is true breakthrough.

Finding ways to ease, or escape the pain is more like cutting the top off the dandelion, you can be assured it will return, pretty quickly, even stronger than before. Then you will need more of whatever your 'escape of choice' is.

Presence brought to the pain equals breakthrough it's really that simple. Why carry those old pains any longer. If it's complicated it's because the mind is running a repetitive story about it. Pause, drop the story and breathe through what is arising. What's left, what's always left...presence.

I'm here to bring you quickly through core pain and
celebrate your awakening!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Heart Awakening

Awakening is more about accepting and enjoying life's imperfections than it is about achieving or attaining any ideal state. For many years I worked diligently at moving towards greater and greater states of happiness. What I have learned is that the only happiness that is truly ours is the sweet acceptance of all of our nuttiness, our misunderstanding, the uncontrollable reality that turn out so very different than what we expect.

Truly we are here to simply be in love with ourselves just the way we are and to continuously invite in all the wonder and surprise that comes from an open heart and an empty mind. Learning to orient more fully from the heart has been a real humbling journey. For many years I have had a fairly empty mind, but only recently recognized a cool void when I disconnected from my heart.

Orienting from the heart can actually be a source of connection that allows us to soften and feel authentic interconnectedness. Far simpler and more loving than the mind, the heart is inclusive, wheras the mind is separative. The mind thrives on conflict, the heart on loving truth.

Shifting from the mind to the heart is a form of internal guidance can be both rewarding and challenging. The reward is the comfort of feeling like we are an important part of the greater whole. The challenge is that the mind leads the way habitually and habits can take quite a bit of awarenesss and persistance to overcome. By trusting the power and wisdom of the heart to reveal the loving truth, the end result of oneness will be your gracious divine gift.

Love transcends all, Andrea

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