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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1-2-3 of Awakening: Awareness, Acceptance & Appreciation

We are awake and yet we habitually think that we are not. Thus, there is never ending wanting and desiring for something to feel better or more complete. The paradox here is that it is only when this idea pauses, stops or drops that we are truly free to experience what would be fulfilling. In this relinquishment, of the perpetual pursuit of the end all be all, awareness seeps in. There is tremendous relief as we awaken from this belief.
When this seeking and striving dissolve, we realize we are fulfilled & complete. Fearful grasping, pushing & pulling of life experiences ease and there is a palpable softening, an awareness and acceptance of all that is here. Demanding, striving and strategizing are replaced by a soothing simplicity that promotes transparency and authenticity rather than proving ones self.
Feelings of urgency, desperation, of unfulfilled longing arise and move through completely, no longer seeking, needing a person, place or thing to remedy them. Life is no longer a series of temporary failed fulfillments, but becomes a more fluid, experiential openness to all that is present. Each moment is fulfilling and complete in and of itself.

This 1-2-3 of awareness, acceptance and appreciation is synergistic in its ability to open the door to awakening in the midst of the most difficult experiences. Wether there be good, bad or ugly... human experiencing opens into truth revealing, ego unraveling, ever expanding adventure.

We rest in knowing that we are the conductor, the musicians, the music and the appreciative audience, the bluebird, the sweet song and the enchanted listener, the hearts longing, the beloveds answer and the eternal fulfillment.

There comes a sweet softening of self, a welling up of appreciation and an undescribable knowing that this has all been perfectly choreographed by you and I. A self created divine plan in action every moment, all for awakening now. For you to fully realize that you are blissfully free now, perfectly complete in this inherent realization.

So, precious one, flow from your natural self and rest in knowing that all that is truly needed is here for you now. Breathe into is yours!

Rest fully in this knowing and appreciate the grace that you are, allow this ease in. It is you who orchestrated this whole and and the same. Shall we dance this joyful oneness?
Sessions are extraordinary beyond words...laced with energetic presence, phenomenal grace and miraculous transformation. Many issues and limitations clear within one situation!

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Sharing in heartfelt gratitude for you and your dance!
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Balance, Beauty, Being and Beyond

Do you have moments when there is a pervasive peaceful stillness? When you are beyond what is definable or ineffable as Martin Buber explained. Yet, there is inner knowing that exists. Simply put...this is what you are. This is God. This is source.

Without the illusion that we are separate from God, Source or divinity, we are open to the direct experiencing of what we are. Many painful ideas and stories that we identify with simply drop within this spacious and expansive awareness.

This dropping of our suffering is ultimate freedom. We no longer feel the need to struggle with separated states of mind. Experiences come and go, ebb and flow and yet there is an sweet, intimate participation in the whole dance.

This experience is not ultimately better than that. It is all seen, felt and welcomed as reality.

Pause for a moment and observe your mind. Notice how it has fairly non stop judgement around what it likes and doesn't like and even hates.

Be amused at how stories take on such compelling twists and turns at times and how they almost grab you right out of your seat. The mind demanding you respond to the dramas accordingly. We pride ourselves in knowing what is accorded each situation. Judge, jury, hangman all in one efficiently sized box atop each of our bodies.

The What If Game...
What if this box atop our bodies gets too stifling, too limiting in its perspectives.

What if we consciously choose to play a different game...

like children often do, (before they are too heavily conditioned to what is right and wrong.) Mostly we would do this because we are bored with the same story replaying with the same results.

What if we pretend we can see the innocence or what is real in ourselves and in each other.

What if we see wondrous, magical child like qualities in each other. No matter how much the other has suffered and hidden his heart, we can still see them, really see them.

What if we can acknowledge the beauty in each person, to smile, say a kind word, even play with each other...joke, kid, hug, dance, share our cookies, like children do.

a world that is not based on who is most right, but a world of people and animals that can truly see each other. In the movie Avatar, she says "I SEE YOU" and she does really see his soul, his divine beingness. They also see this in their animals and trees.

In this game we are recognizing each others inherent divine wholeness, rather than playing out the old 'no win' separation game...I am more right (righteous) than you. Once we realize what we are, we see wholeness, the 'wholliness' that includes everyone, everything and every experience.

During this game, when you return to judgement, you return to suffering.

I invite you to playfully live this game and move beyond these painful forms of separation and perpetual struggle at the mind level. Live in the kingdom of the heart and soul, where we are all inherently innocent. Here, we can never do what is not God's will, for we are God's will, each and every moment.
Stop looking to an outer force to create the peaceful freedom that will only come through allowing the divine to look fully and completely through your eyes. Resistance to this is the source of all suffering and the manifestation of every ailment on this planet.

When we come home to what we are, suffering ceases. You may still fall down and skin your knee, as children do. Yet, you will

be so delighted by this new wondrous way of being, that you will run back to friends that will greet you with open arms, with eyes that can see you and words that will love you awake again. Children certainly have allot of this down, watch them.

Someone wrote to me yesterday, "You are one of those sunshine people, that I have seen a few times in my life."
Let's all be one of these sunshine people and see life through the light that we are.


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