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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who Are You and What Are You Here For?

Simple questions...are you ready for the answer?

The answer to these questions lies at the very foundation of humanities evolution.

What is it to be here and not realize the essential nature of our being, of source?

It is to perpetually believe that the answer lies externally...
~to move from one extraneous experience to another, constantly seeking for the one that will bring the ultimate reward.
~to look to relationships, possessions, material pursuits, family, community everything to be the answer to this struggling.
But, alas, many of us have played out this saga in every way, shape and form only to realize that searching for what we want externally becomes the source of dissilusionment.

The only way to what we truly want is to return to the place where we re-Source our true nature; to align with our inner being.
There is a point or choice for separation within us all that is the reason for our suffering.

Even the idea that there is a saviour is based on this separation from inner being. This has been a powerfully entrancing belief which religious and spiritual factors have used to convince us that we are flawed in some sort of erroneous way and are therefore not whole or holy without the atonement from a priest, guru, wafer, Lakshmi, mantra or meditation...we are flooded with the antidotes for this separation.

I am sure some of you have hairs raising on the back of your necks now.

Please, hear me...there are certainly ways and times when anything we truly enjoy and feel whole in can remind us of what we truly are, but there is no simpler way than to live joyfully from this inner knowing... that we are already whole and complete.

I'm here to let you know that you are...a joyous being and what you are here for...a joyful ever expanding life.

There is and has always been nothing remotely wrong, flawed or sinful about you or anyone else ever! You have never done anything wrong.

Sin means missing the mark.

When I was married in a sacramental catholic wedding, I was told to confess to the priest before walking down the aisle.

I could not remember how to do this as I had endured a severe car accident which had erased much of my memory.

I was told to bow my had and confess (all the wrong I had done).

I was shamed through piercing eyes and harsh voice for not remembering how to do this. I walked down the aisle to marry my husband in fear and shame believing I had done something very wrong, even though i couldn't remember what it was I had forgotten due to the amnesia. I felt I had forgotten something deadly important. In psychological terms, I dissociated from my body due to the shame and pain I felt towards myself, on my wedding day.

I am here today with a few tears left for all the times I believed that kind of insanity. I know that there is and has never been anything wrong with me or you or anyone.

We are a beautiful expression of love.

Please understand that this may seem like old news to many of you who have stretched beyond orthodox religions. When you look more deeply into many of the worlds systems and structures used to perpetuate collective norms, you will still see this inherent religious/spiritual belief...that we can do something wrong (guilty) that we are punished in countless, countless ways. Through loss of love, of money, of home of all the things this worlds basic needs rests upon.

There is still a larger percentage of our planet that lives predominately from this premise.

Yes...this is changing.


Each time you or I or someone we love is reminded of their inherent innocence, we are aligned with our inner being, with source.

There is no other way. We must each and every one recognize what we are and free ourselves.

Is it time to rest in knowing that you are perfect just the way you are and that in this knowing you are free?

Is it time to live fully from this freedom?

Is it time to drop each and every story that has at its core the idea that you are unworthy of the most magnificent life possible?

Is it time to share and teach this to everyone you know by becoming a living example of this?

Can you feel the exponential implications of this freedom?

Can you see how your freedom is the greatest contribution you can make to this entire planet being free?

What are you waiting for?

Are the answer

Liberation: freedom from oppression, confinement, or foreign control, equal rights and equal status for all.

I am here for liberation, that we may now live the joyful choices that are awaiting all of us.

The question is...Are you ready?

The answer is...For your greatest joy.


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