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Monday, August 2, 2010

Supporting Your Awakening

What is support to you?
Is it when you feel truly heard?
Is it when you are considered without having to ask or explain?
Is it when your needs are accounted for in the request?
Is it like a great shoulder rub that comes out of nowhere?

Whatever it feels like for you, it's always an integral part of your growth into wholeness. The most fundamentally potent form of support that we have is the awareness that we are source or God. In knowing and living from this, we recognize that we are plugged into what we most need...our own life giving, life expanding force. All this is within us.

We've been taught and conditioned to believe that we are dependant on an external source for our well being. An omnipotent external God, to which we must sacrifice ourselves in order to be atoned for. The premise is that we are guilty simply because we are here in a human body and we must earn our innocence.

This is a formula for perpetual suffering. The idea that we are separate from source is the ultimate lie which has been perpetuated by most institutions, communities and families.

This lie has fostered participation and dependencies on collective consciousness. As a result we have developed tremendous fear of breaking free from these paradigms. This fear keeps us from finding out who we are outside of these collective boxes.

Only a very small percentage of people at this point are truly experiencing what it is like to live freely beyond these collective expereince true freedom.

I assure you we do exist and we are forging a New Way of being. We are outside the norm of collective conveniences which have hidden costs to the heart and soul of every participant. We may feel alone at times as most people are not interested in stepping out their 'box' to play in a New Way. In this awareness, there are moments of sadness passing through as yet another person chooses to stay in undue suffering. There is also a built in feeling of joyful 'ok'ness and many, many moments refreshing unencumbered aliveness. No medications needed!

Reflect for a moment on a piece of history and the way it parallels aspects of a current Dark Age...from Rob & Cyndy Shearer.

'Columbus believed that the world was round. Everyone else thought that it was flat. In 1492, Columbus finally overcame the objections of the bigoted church leaders of Spain, who believed the world was flat because the Bible said it was. Columbus got the backing of Queen Isabella on the sly, behind King Ferdinand's back. Perhaps there was some romantic infatuation or dalliance. In any event, Queen Isabella pawned her jewels to raise the funds for Columbus' three ships and off he went. His epic voyage of discovery was one of the crucial steps in mankind's throwing off the superstitions of the dark ages.'

The current Dark Age is being fueled by more of an inner superstition. The voyage you are being called upon to forge is to return, realign and re-Source the truth of what you are. It is the only answer to our current Dark Age and all of the mounting consequences throughout our world. The evidence that we are in this Dark Age is apparent, yet all the outer forms of escape are also prevalent.

I wonder what caused Columbus to consider that there was anything other than what he was conditioned to believe?

Why would he risk being considered crazy and feeling tremendously unsupported?

What caused the Queen to give up her jewels for such a wild adventure? (OK, maybe it was

What do we need to take that leap of faith that Soren Kierkegard defined?

There is a saying...We are only as great as our support.

What kind of support do you need to realize your greatness?

What if the greatest support we could possibly find is within us and ...

That we are enough, when we realize we are source.

That like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz realized...

You could always go home and most importantly...

There's no place like home.

That from this knowing we are no longer separate human beings, but rather we are unique expressions of source, each and every moment.

We are always innocent, guilt is a fabrication from a distorted fearful separated self.

We are liberated and must create from the magnificence which we are.

This is the plan Einstein envisioned when he said "you cannot solve a problem a at the same level of consciousness that it was created in."

The answers being called for reside within this New Way. The full realization of what we are.

This is not religious, this is not spiritual. This is not anything you can ever put a label, dogma or practice on. It is what you are!

Breathe this in now. Feel this freedom. Be this magnificence in all its simplicity. Live this glory and celebrate what you are. Appreciate all this freedom.

I support you in and forever;

Yours in awakening...


This could be your wake up call...303-545-5485!

PS. I honor our beautiful earth for supporting us all for many, many lifetimes of experience which have enabled us to come to this moment, this realization.

Practical Results...
'In my first session with Andrea, I was amazed at the precision with which she put her finger on the pulse of the issues I was grappling with. After listening to me describe a number of circumstances and concerns I was facing, she quickly identified the core issue I needed to address in order to move forward. A light-bulb went on! Andrea provided me an "aha" moment, in which I could see the dynamics at play underneath the external circumstances. This became a turning point in my self-awareness.
Andrea's gave me insight, as well as a concrete starting point for doing my own work. She was direct and challenging, yet kind. She empowered me with homework to do before the next session, including focused writing, personalized affirmations and breathing/meditative exercises. These activities kept me inspired and focused after my session, and became an additional doorway to awareness.

I was amazed at what was accomplished in my very first session with Andrea, and felt like a "regular psychotherapy" approach would have taken weeks or months to lead to the same level of deep insight -- if it ever got there at all!
I'm delighted with the rapid progress and growth in my awareness from my work with Andrea, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to do their own work and experience a major break-through!
Shari Philpott
Boulder, Colorado

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