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Friday, July 2, 2010

The New path needed

'We are the ones we've been waiting for.' Hopi Indians. I am aware of an imminent call to be here fully, to break through any small sense of self, to be the strength and magnificence that we all are. Nothing else is enough. Hiding, holding back, playing in the less than game will only serve to increase the inner struggling with what is inevitable.

We all came here on this precious planet to awaken, to be the answers to our planets cries, to bloom, to shine and to be exalted through the essence of source. Each and every creature on this planet is an undeniable contribution to this knowing. Every human, fish, dog, ant, child, song, dance. Every expression, every form is the living expression of this knowing.

We now know collectively, that it is our time to awaken. Through countless lifetimes we have watched, as painful story after story has begun, been experienced and ended. These stories have one human need in common. A longing, a yearning for more than what one is already, to move beyond the struggle of humanness.

These stories are fairly empty of meaning. Why is this...because they are about seeking what will never fulfill this longing. At best there is temporary satisfaction. After the experience, we are back at square one, seeking for what will fulfill the longing.

Now we see everywhere the extent to which these endless desires to have our needs fulfilled have exploited our earth, our people, our children, our animals. When we see the Gulf Oil, the animals covered in oil, the economy dropping.... WE CAN NO LONGER DENY THE MEANINGLESSNESS IN THIS OLD PARADIGM.

Are you feeling this in your your soul?

Do you realize the implications of these old ways?

Do you want to open to a new way?

Then let go fully with me now. Breathe out the old unconscious paradigm on the exhale, breathe in Being and Living the Answer. Breathe out all those stories that have kept you hostage, struggling moment to moment, day to day and fully breathe in the freedom and the living answer which you truly are. This expansive freedom is the only answer to these old devastating dilemmas. You cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness as they were created in, Einstein.

These old unconscious stories can only be released from within you. This is the access point to authentic power. Breathe with me and know now that you are the source of all that is needed in every moment of your life. Stop looking to others, to escapes, to denial, to anything other than this true knowing of what you are. From this all will arise, within the simplicity of each fully lived breath. Everything else is playing out the illusionary games that always lead to unfulfillment, disappointment and now disillusionment.

We are the new emissaries, the ones we have been awaiting. We are the ones that become the living answer to our inner and planetary callings. We are the brave, the pioneers, the trail blazers of a new way. It is paramount that we awaken now as we are all needed. All of our uniquely phenomenal gifts are needed, wether they be the song that ignites the heart of humanity or the compassion that soothes the pain of all this collective suffering, or the words that ignite this new way. All our gifts are needed.

Holding back will only serve to perpetuate your suffering and that of your circle. In this moment you can breathe in fully the magnificent awareness that you are source and therefore you are enough!

My words come from your soul and your soul and your soul.
The last time I spoke of this calling, there were many tears and nods and realizations that they are this, we are this, there is no one else.
Yours for awakening;

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