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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stop the Quest! You're Already Awake!

This week I led a transformative experience for over 100 people. It was exhilarating for me simply because I spoke the truth. I shared the truth straight out with everyone as they cried, cheered, nodded and at the end confided.

They said beautifully and eloquently what we are all deeply longing to feel.
"You see me. I felt met and understood when you spoke to us. When you said you were in your true power, I felt powerful too. I felt aware and awake when you told us that we were awake. You were talking directly to me when you said we are awake."
If you're curious...I told this group gathered for the Boulder Gulf Oil Vigil that the planet is yelling wake up! There were actually sirens screeching in the background as I said this. Then I went on to share that many of us are already awake and we don't realize this because we are still grasping onto old victim- limited identities.
I shared how I knew I was awake, because I felt it fully andcompletely, I felt it. Do you still doubt this inherent awareness. Is doubt our enemy? No, it simply has a convincing way of proving we are not what we are...awake.

This may sound I will put it straight out. We can either realize we are awake or we can continue to pretend we are limited, incompetent and unable to offer our magnificent gifts.

If there is any one message that would justify the immense distress calls on our planet, it is that we must realize now what it is to be awake. From this realization, we're able to simply know how to be and what to do.

Einstein said 2 very important statements... One is that we cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that the problem was created in. Two, Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

The solution to all of our problems is always to imagine and feel, really feel what the greatest potentials are. This will activate and attract the highest possibilities. To sit in the soup of unconscious, limited, victim stories will only perpetuate the old stories on our planet. How much longer can we afford to play dumb?

The wake up call I have been referring to is all about a new way, usage of a new energy that is inherent within our realization, rather than energy that must come from others, or nature, or the 'one', or that company.

Avatar is an innovative example of how, through our own soul/source energy we can be self sustaining. It also clearly displayed how humans had exhausted the Earths resources, by drawing on her energy rather their own soul energy. We are paralleling this story by severely depleting our own planetary resources. There are now sensitive aware human beings who are beginning to awaken to their own inner resources, catalyzing a new earth energy from within.

Avatar also beautifully displayed the interconnectedness that many of us have become 'thick skinned' about and unable to truly participate in other than through cognitive ideas of oneness.

Many of us fully realize this awareness of what we are and are beginning to create circles of sensitive interconnectedness that will support more soulful self sustaining ways of being here.

Many of the old paradigms are beginning to drop

dependence on one anothers energy, money, life. Victim-perpetrator-rescuer stories. The idea that others are here to serve and support us rather than drawing on our own reservoir from source.

This wake up is pervasive and it is saying...know that you are source, there is no separation within you, realize this now and all struggle will fall away and you will be the answer this planetary crisis is calling for. ' We are the ones we've been waiting for.' Hopi Indians

Several people told me over the past few weeks that this was my last life. Interestingly, just a week before I was feeling a deep melancholy for life on this planet and a sweetness for all of this...the good, the bad, the ugly.
In that moment, there was only one exquisite moment which was fully emraced. Soft tears ran down my cheeks as I realized I was seeing and fully experiencing everything. Time, space collapsed into this moment and it was so simply beautiful. I felt both a deep longing to never let go of this humanness and the profound awareness of what I am and that there is nothing that could be held onto. I breathed this and smiled serenely.

I am here to assist in this liberation and the results...
your simply beautiful Realization. Truly there is nothing else...


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