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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Relaxing into Heart

Andrea Jackson
Radiant Awareness Teacher

How many times have you heard come from your heart, be in your heart, share from heart? Yet, do you really ever experience your heart directly? Do you actually feel another's heart? Or are you like most... wondering at this point if the heart is a real place at all.

We were part of a culture that taught being selfless was the spiritual way to be. Mother Teresa considered a saint was the epitome of a woman who sacrificed her life for others. Yet, at the end of her life Time Magazine revealed her deep anguish and torment during her service to humanity.

Now we are part of a collective moving into embracing the Self. Coming from more of what we truly are.

So, how does the heart fit into all this?

The heart can lead us to acts of selflessness, awareness of Self and even selfishness, depending on what is needing integration.

There seems to be a rebalancing on our planet. I am seeing many who were quite selfish suffering in ways that are opening their hearts causing them to give more freely and I and many other healers, teachers and service peoples are learning to receive without hesitation.

In each moment, there is available awareness of the heart. From this, one can express in the ways that would lend itself to be the most loving. This includes tough love, clear boundaries, saying no, as well as blissful openness, innocence and oneness, sweet loving gestures...hugs, kisses and caresses and of course it includes ecstatic joyful sexuality and communing with community. We can naturally experience and express all of this in one day from our heart. There is no limit to the experiences we can have and create from our heart.

Awakening in the heart is a profound sense of source originating from within. This arises as a result of focused awareness on one's heart and learning to mediate life with the heart more and more fully open and available.

Usually an emotional crisis such as a love break up, accident, significant illness will causing such painful constrictions in the heart that we must pay attention. At this point many run from this pain rather than seeing the golden opportunity to breakthrough the heart ache fully. This is our greatest most reliable source of freedom. There is medicine, no escape that will free one, only staying with it, breathing through it, saying yes this is me too!!!

Then the door to the heart breaks open and we are awake to all of what we are...the good, the bad, the ugly. The spiritual, the selfish, the critical, the foolish are all integral parts of our wholeness. Forgive yourself, love yourself, relax into all of what you are and you will find the most exquisite surprise...freedom.

If you would like a truly loving facilitator, please don't hesitate to call or refer me to anyone who is suffering. The results are truly extraordinary! I'm here to facilitate and celebrate your joyful awakening!


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