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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Present Love

Love is a vague, overused word. What if instead of saying I love you, we shared authentically from our hearts. It might sound like…I really appreciate how you make such a special effort to cook dinner or I really enjoy how you can laugh at things most people would be disappointed in or it’s great how focused you are on your homework. Feel into how it would be to receive personal affirmations like these. Would you feel seen and met more fully?
What if at work places, grocery stores, with the mailman, at parks and everywhere we acknowledged each other in these beautiful, specific ways. What if we allowed our hearts to spontaneously lead the way in each interaction, showing us how to truly love one another? The hearts simple wisdom urges us all home to the natural enfoldment of oneness. The heart is the gateway to truly understanding who we are and the profound nature of our innate interconnectedness. I recently wrote a song with the line ‘Love knows no bounds’ expressing this eternal interconnected expansiveness that we are.
What if within the knowledge of your soul there lies a secret code that finally brings you completely home to your natural self? Rest, joyous expression, peaceful awareness, and divine stillness would become your companions. You would finally realize that you are the magnificence you have been seeking. Your absence from yourself or disconnection is what has caused you to be consistently dissatisfied with all your attempts to ease your life’s struggles.
My simple suggestion is to love you all the way home. It is the quick route. Love yourself and others by specifically recognizing what is most appreciated each moment. Be present in specific ways for yourself, your children, your sweet pets, your grocer, your community, your world. This is a present love which will continually invite your heart to lead the way and your soul to show you the magnificence that you truly are. What an unbeatable combo.

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