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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Breakthrough Your Core

For many years I've heard spiritual cliches about opening ones heart and about being mindfull. At times it seems like a fad to catch onto the latest spiritual buzz words and self identify with them.

But, I've been listening a bit more deeply lately and hearing some haunting questions...
Are we able to pause and listen to the rhythms of our heart?
Do you feel your heart when you are hurting, when you are vulnerable, when you are softly open to all that is?
Do you genuinely feel into your heart and breathe with the tightness, the blocks, the constrictions?
Do you offer loving kindness to these subtle or significant shifts and changes that fluctuate within?
Do you honor yourself in these ways?

Or do you just say your heart is open, you're present and continue to play out painful duality games?

Are you willing to expereince the authentic beauty of your sensitive open heart, even if it means you will feel more of everything....including pain?
Are you willing to continue to open, tenaciously, so that you and those around can benefit from your authentic loving nature?
Or is it easier to be tough, to have a protective shell over the heart, to open and close based on ego agendas?
Are you truly willing to risk feeling into all that is present?
Waking up is being aware sensitively, nakedly, authentically, not just conveniently. This asks for tremendous courage. As we evolve and awaken this will become the norm, for now there are trailblazers to look to.

Most still avoid this out of a fear of pain, or a constriction, holding onto the pain. This is suffering. Breaking through pain means being with the core, or root of what is arising. This is true breakthrough.

Finding ways to ease, or escape the pain is more like cutting the top off the dandelion, you can be assured it will return, pretty quickly, even stronger than before. Then you will need more of whatever your 'escape of choice' is.

Presence brought to the pain equals breakthrough it's really that simple. Why carry those old pains any longer. If it's complicated it's because the mind is running a repetitive story about it. Pause, drop the story and breathe through what is arising. What's left, what's always left...presence.

I'm here to bring you quickly through core pain and
celebrate your awakening!

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