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Friday, February 19, 2010

Heart Awakening

Awakening is more about accepting and enjoying life's imperfections than it is about achieving or attaining any ideal state. For many years I worked diligently at moving towards greater and greater states of happiness. What I have learned is that the only happiness that is truly ours is the sweet acceptance of all of our nuttiness, our misunderstanding, the uncontrollable reality that turn out so very different than what we expect.

Truly we are here to simply be in love with ourselves just the way we are and to continuously invite in all the wonder and surprise that comes from an open heart and an empty mind. Learning to orient more fully from the heart has been a real humbling journey. For many years I have had a fairly empty mind, but only recently recognized a cool void when I disconnected from my heart.

Orienting from the heart can actually be a source of connection that allows us to soften and feel authentic interconnectedness. Far simpler and more loving than the mind, the heart is inclusive, wheras the mind is separative. The mind thrives on conflict, the heart on loving truth.

Shifting from the mind to the heart is a form of internal guidance can be both rewarding and challenging. The reward is the comfort of feeling like we are an important part of the greater whole. The challenge is that the mind leads the way habitually and habits can take quite a bit of awarenesss and persistance to overcome. By trusting the power and wisdom of the heart to reveal the loving truth, the end result of oneness will be your gracious divine gift.

Love transcends all, Andrea

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