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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh Sweet you tease my senses

Warm wind blowing through my hair, sunshine radiant on my bare arms, hints of vibrant green splashed I ascend the extremely steep goat trail leading up the back way to Mt Sanitas; I huffed and puffed, breathed through inertia and welcomed all the pain and strain. I tromped and plodded through mud and light snow and hardened soil, legs aching, winded, yet I knew I would love the result. New life was imminent.
Afterwards, true to my premonition, I felt strong, full, victorious; like I was alive again, following a long, lethargic winter.
I wonder if this is what each small grass and flower, each new growth must endure. Moving through dark hardened soils, small cracks revealing subtle streams of light and then at last the tingling warmth of the sun and the sweet company of other life forms.
Slowly, even now, spring is arising from the earth, a small patch of green grass appears within melting snow mounds, buds appearing on my lilac bushes. She is already beginning to whisper of this new life, of newfound love and of sweet new ways.
Her dazzling colors and sweet perfumes will soon be meandering through the old wintery haze, mesmerizing us all into a delightful spring fever.
Are you ready for her wondrous ways to awaken your senses and delight you with newfound love?
Are you ready for that spring cleaning that makes way for new adventurous ways of being?
Are you ready to clean out the old beliefs closet to make way for your magnificent wardrobe?
Are you ready to release the heavy emotional baggage that feels like an old winter coat and put on those great hiking shorts or fun slinky dress?
Isn't it time to live your new life now?
Open now to the joys of your eternal/internal spring

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