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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tidal Waves of Oneness

There was a distinct shift last week, which hallmarked the release of the old and the entry of the new for humanity. There are pioneers who have been participating in these types of inner shifts for decades. They are serving as integrated anchors for this planetary period of upheaval. But, for many, there is extremely uncomfortable restlessness, angst and the desire to run or hide from these undesirable changes. Yet, to delay these internal changes will only bring more angst and urgency. This journey is now requiring full presence and participation, without any baggage on board.

Newness is always preceded by greater letting go. We are in an unparalleled time of the old breaking down and the new streaming in. The old external systems and structures are no longer deriving supportive energy through source and so they are collapsing or going through radical release and renewal.

Internally there are tremendous transformational waves purging old ways. These waves have strong emotional components and can feel like inner chaos, uncertainty and aloneness.

The old ability to seek external 'power' is dissipating. Anything which serves the false idea of power is no longer being energetically supported. To cling in any way to the idea that one can have power through another is a diminishment of one's self. Playing out these old ways are fostering painful friction. Understand that this friction is the result of old beliefs, aspects and overlays dissolving. Allow these old ways to dissolve with as much grace as you can allow in. The new ways are right here, ready to move in, as soon as you release the old and breathe life into the new.

Oneness is demonstrating this through the restructuring on the microcosm of our internal nature, as well as the macrocosm of our earth. There is tremendous release of energy, inward and outward. Breathing in and through your heart will facilitate this change with greater ease.

Old inner securities based on beliefs which no longer contribute to the greater good are erupting; followed by emotional waves which purge the old completely. Leaving little behind to hold onto.

Thus there is a brief limbo. Nothing to hold onto, yet, not sure where to turn. People's hearts begin to break open through these inner/outer crisis and we reach to each is occurring in Japan, occurred with 9/11 and Katrina. Many communities worldwide are experiencing many forms of upheaval, breaking down old ways, opening people's hearts and uniting them in oneness. Under extreme crisis, people give one to the other, unquestioningly.

Through these waves of oneness, the urge for greater giving and receiving is eminating from oneness. Lack is only from the mind's perception; oneness simply fills and then overflows without the need for insensitive boundaries of separation.

For many in these crisis, separation drops, through momentary gestures, some more prolonged and then there is complete transformation of old perception into new for the truly brave. The latter is the most painful, yet, quickly bears the fruit of new life. To draw out or prolong separation, is to suffer longer than is needed. Oneness is real and is here.
Transparency of self, anchoring through source and having both feet on Earth will allow these transformational waves to both purge the old and fill in the new. Without resistance, they move through.

This openness is oneness and oneness is beyond separation. What is beyond separation is transparent, has no need to grasp, to protect, to push away. To protect or shield one's self will draw into one's self that which is being pushed away. Simply breathe into your heart and recognize what you are and allow all else to pass through. Denying oneness anchors you in separation, burdens you with unneeded fear and insecurity.

We are in the midst of the fastest planetary shift ever. The vibrational increase has peaked and is resulting in a momentous global awakening. We are all an intrinsic part of this. As we breathe in and through our hearts globally, we ignite the eternal flame of oneness. The One Heart, which beats to the rhythm of awakening. This is humanities gift from this unparalleled shift.

One Heart;

Andrea Jackson
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