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Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrating Heart, Soul & Awakening

Andrea, God's grace is in all your work. Love, Deepak Chopra's been awhile since I've written. I've been on quite an inner adventure. A different inner landscape everyday. Shifting and changing, opening and closing...some light, lots of mutation. And, Awareness my eager companion...present for it all.

Sound familiar? These are the passages every soul takes when integrating into humanness. As we realize what we are, the contrast can feel more difficult. The mind seeks to control and fix and wants it to be laid out. Just give me a damn roadmap or something I can hold onto. Alas, these journeys, like so many parts of our unfolding brilliance, require an ever deepening trust.

We've all heard the butterfly story...if the caterpillar is helped out of the cocoon, the butterfly's wings are not strong enough to fly. We are all opening or emerging from limited self.

While in the darkness of our cocoon, surrounded by hard walls of separation, we deepen into our essence. The beautiful rhythms of our breath, the welcoming, loving presence of our heart and the vast expansive nature of soul are our eternal companions.
 They are never more present than when we trust in these inner resources and are ready to let go into what we are. Softly, silently we notice that even in our darkest hours we are not alone. This myth is of the mind's making. This deepening communion with breath, heart and soul is the softening that enables our essential nature to emerge.

Emerging from our cocoon, can be painful. If we expect the outer world offer a reprieve, then we will be disappointed and disillusioned. Desire, escape, manipulation, denial and projection lose their power to fulfill. Did they really ever offer any lasting fulfillment?

Changing the external world is not the answer at this point of awakening. Just breath into your heart and allow these old mechanisms of separation to dissolve, like fertilizer for a brilliant rose. The rose in its magnificence seeks nothing, yet exudes the sweetest of perfumes.
Now there is the choice to radiate from our true nature by simply breathing, accepting the ceaseless love streaming through our hearts and expanding through soulful urges towards even more magnificent frontiers.

Emergence is shifting from hard, literal, form filled world to inner mysterious, barely definable realms of our sweetest nature. It's like stumbling in the darkness of our uncertainty, falling into perpetual unknown, not sure if our wings have arrived yet. What's on the other side of the cocoon we wonder? Will I still be here as I drop into this nothingness? What will remain?

Why would a caterpillar even want to become a butterfly? If it isn't sure it can ever fly. It has no idea that it is a magnificent winged creature. Yet, at this point in emergence, there is truly no choice. There is no longer any solid ground, there is nothing to return to, the cocoon is gone.
Forgetting you were ever a caterpillar, yet not knowing exactly what a butterfly is. Awakening is the perfect choreographer of this beautiful metamorphosis. Beckoning us onward, inward, more deeply, more completely, no semblance of what I was remains, immersed fully in the most loving presence one could ever imagine. The eternal reward for letting go of all that an unfathomable freedom. And now we fly...unlimited beingness, expansive beyond all mind constraint. Yet, still here.

Now, there is quiet, there is sensual awareness and there is the sweetness of love undefined. An intimacy with all experiencing, love, lover and beloved undistinguished.

This my friend is the gift of awakening... every moment of every is our nature.

Soon there will be the butterflies of spring everywhere.

May you use the fertilizer of your old self to enrich your inherent magnificence. May you each soar in your beautifully unique butterfly ways.

Here in silence and in soaring...


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About Andrea...
Andrea is an extraordianry healer and natural Awakening facilitator. Andrea is Radiant Awareness... with over 30 years of profound awakenings and exceptional training, certiffications, vows & studies.
Some of her experience includes degrees in Business Management & Administration & Psycholoprofoundgy Summa Cum Laude, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine Mastery, Enlightened Relationship Coach, Ordained Christian Minister, Budhist Bodhi Satva, Hindu TM and Ishta Devita, Apache Shamanism, Oneness Deeksh Certified, A Course in Miracles Teacher, Advanced Non Violent Communications and 4 years in solitude culminating in direct awareness.


You are the most amazing energy worker that I have ever known. In the most joyful manner that can be experienced, you teach people to see and realize their magnificence and to live a life of joy, happiness and authenticity. You place a mirror to our faces and allow us to see our greatness, what our gifts are and how we can best bring them to others for the planet's benefit.

This past Sunday evening I participated in an event that you conceived of and led in Boulder that was designed to restore balance and peace to a community that had been rocked by the most devastating fire in the history of Colorado. You so purposefully, using soothing and uplifting music, free form expressive dance, guided meditations and your inspirational and expressive words, alchemically shifted and transformed those of us that were so fortunate to be present, so that we could leave that night and bring that much needed light to others in the community.
Blessings to you.
Paul S. Kleinman, President Rocky Mountain Financial Network

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